High School Class Descriptions

Listed in Alphabetical Order

American History

This class will cover seven periods in U.S. History: Colonial, Revolutionary, Young Nation, Crisis, Quest for growth, Leadership emerging, and Challenges for a Modern Nation. These time periods will be taught through a Biblical Worldview.

Students will define basic terms from U.S. History that help in understanding and explaining God’s providence, interpret historical maps, timelines, graphs, charts, and primary sources. We will discuss the discernment of God’s providence in major eras by the impact of circumstances on the course of events in U.S. history, identify the challenges that each generation of Christians faced in their era and what lessons we can learn for today. The causes of certain historical crises will be discussed, and we will shed light on biblical solutions that could parallel crises of today in America.

Students will read the class assigned textbook and answer the chapter review questions on a weekly basis. Every quarter students will be assigned an additional chapter book or two that will bring a deeper insight into certain time periods. Presentations that will require additional research on a subject based on the student’s interest may be assigned. To help students prepare at home there will be handouts, study guides, and homework calendars explaining what is expected for each assignment/test, in addition to any online grading system provided by the school.

Weekly homework will include: approximately 3 hours of reading + answering section review questions in the text. There will be chapter books at various times throughout the year. Additionally, there may be pop quizzes based on weekly readings.

Required Texts: BJU United States History 5th edition, plus additional reading each quarter

Teacher: Jenna Morris

Additional material Fee: $20.00 for printouts, worksheets, and interactive classroom activities/games.

Tuition: $60/mo

American Sign Language 1

Immerse yourself in the rich and expressive language of the Deaf community with our high school American Sign Language (ASL) class. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of ASL, including vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects. Through interactive activities, role-playing, and visual communication exercises, students will begin to work towards proficiency in ASL and gain insight into Deaf culture and history. ASL opens doors to communication and understanding, fostering empathy and inclusivity. Join us as we learn to communicate effectively through sign language and appreciate the linguistic diversity of our world.

Students should expect to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week practicing and reviewing vocabulary and lessons Because this is a foreign language, learning vocabulary is a must in the ability to understand and communicate.

Teacher: Kathy Hammond

Required text: Master ASL 1 student textbook and student companion.

Additional material fee: $20 one time fee

Tuition: $60/mo.

Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean

How do we know what we know about the past? This class will focus on the science behind archaeology. We will cover topics from across disciplines, including biology, chemistry, geology, climate science, and human anatomy. Along the way, we will discuss big picture themes such as agriculture and urbanization, cities and empires, warfare and trade, the daily life of ordinary people, and the ethics of archaeology. We will apply our scientific knowledge to analyze spectacular sites and artifacts from across the Mediterranean world, from the iconic to the obscure. This class should enrich a student's understanding of history and archaeology in any period or region.

Weekly homework: Students should expect 2-3 hours of reading and homework most weeks. There will be two short writing assignments in the fall semester. In the spring, students will do a research project on a topic of their choice and present it to the class.

Teacher: Jacqueline Medcalf

Required materials: None

Fee: $10

Tuition: $60/mo

Art- High School


This class will explore and create various genres of art using color theory, the elements and principles of design, drawing and 2D art.

Each lesson will have a quiz covering the material studied.

Students will be graded on each project in participation, completion, and quality

Additional one time supply fee: $110.00

Tuition: $60.00/Mo


The goal of this class is for students to discover the overarching narrative of the Bible: God’s loving plan of salvation. God created human beings to be in relationship with Him, but sin separates us from Him. Despite our own evil, God never stops loving us, and throughout Scripture He continues to reveal Himself, and call us back to Him through His covenants with His people. We will examine how the Old Testament foreshadows the New Testament, and how God’s plan is perfectly fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Although we will have many opportunities to reflect on God’s loving plan for each of us, this class is primarily intended to introduce students to the academic study of Scripture.

Weekly homework: Students should expect 2-3 hours of reading and homework per week, including regular comprehension questions and short written reflections. There will be one short paper assigned per semester.

Teacher: Jaqueline Medcalf

Fee: None

Required Materials: Students can use their preferred translation of the Bible, and we can discuss differences in translation as they come up.

Tuition: $60/mo

Biology with Labs

Explore the wonders of life through our comprehensive high school biology course using the Apologia curriculum. Designed to engage and educate students, this course covers fundamental biological concepts such as cellular biology, genetics, ecology, and human anatomy. Through a blend of rigorous academic study and hands-on laboratory experiments, students will deepen their understanding of biological principles and their practical applications. Our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and ethical considerations in biological research. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of life and develop a profound appreciation for the complexity and diversity of the natural world.

Teacher: Felicia Wilson

Text: Apologia Biology, 3rd edition

Christian Book Distributors is currently having a sale on Apologia. https://www.christianbook.com/exploring-creation-with-biology-textbook/vicki-dincher/9781946506450/pd/506454?event=ESRCER1

Materials Fee: $65 one time fee

Tuition: $60/mo.

Chemistry with Labs

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of chemistry with our high school course using the Apologia curriculum. This course delves into the foundational principles of chemistry, including atomic structure, chemical bonding, reactions, stoichiometry, and thermodynamics. Through engaging lectures, interactive activities, and hands-on laboratory experiments, students will discover the inner workings of matter and the laws that govern its transformations. Our curriculum fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep appreciation for the role of chemistry in everyday life and scientific discovery. Join us as we explore the wonders of molecules, reactions, and the fascinating world of chemical interactions.

Text: Apologia Chemistry, 3rd edition

Christian Book Distributors currently has this book on sale. https://www.christianbook.com/exploring-creation-chemistry-textbook-3rd-edition/kristy-plourde/9781946506580/pd/506583?event=Homeschool|1002432

Materials Fee: $65 one time fee

Tuition: $60/mo.

College Application Support (Fall Semester for Seniors, Spring Semester for Juniors):

The college application process feels like a class with lots of homework but no teacher, and homeschoolers in particular are left to figure out a lot on their own. This class is intended to help fill this gap and provide additional scaffolding and support to older highschoolers in the college search and application process. We will discuss standardized tests, academic and career interests, identifying priorities in choosing a college, and narrowing down the field to a manageable pool of options. Each student will create a personalized timeline of college application tasks, and staying on top of those will be the foundation of most class assignments. We will also work on applying for financial aid, preparing transcripts, writing and revising application essays, and practicing interview skills.

This class is primarily geared toward students who are planning to attend a four year program and get a bachelor's degree, although a lot of it should apply to students who are interested in associate's degrees/trade school as well. The fall semester will be best suited to current Seniors, but is open to Juniors as well. However, Juniors will have fewer immediate college application tasks.

Weekly Homework: At the start of the semester, there will be SAT and ACT practice tests to be completed outside of the class, if students haven’t taken the tests recently, and there may be ongoing recommended test prep activities. Early in the class, there will be research assignments intended to kickstart the college search, but as the semester goes on, class assignments will be intended to reinforce college application deadlines and break down tasks into manageable pieces, rather than create additional homework.

Teacher: Jacqueline Medcalf

Required texts: None

Materials Fee: None

Tuition: $65/mo (August-December)

Creative Writing

The One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) curriculum offers high schoolers an exciting challenge: Over the course of the academic year, students will plan, write, and revise their own novel! Along the way, they will learn about literary elements like plot, conflict, character, dialogue, and theme, and refine their grammar, usage, word choice, and style. Throughout the year, the class will collaborate to brainstorm, revise, and exchange feedback.

OYAN offers a number of additional resources and opportunities that can be pursued outside of class, such as webinars, a student forum, writing contests, and conferences. Mrs. Medcalf loves this curriculum and community, and attended four summer workshops as a student.

Check out the website for more information: https://clearwaterpress.com/oneyearnovel/

Weekly homework: Expect about 1-2 hours per week for watching videos, reading the textbook, and completing workbook activities, and an additional 3-4 hours of writing. Of course, individual writing pace can vary a good deal and we will check in regularly to make sure that the workload is doable for everyone.

Teacher: Jacqueline Medcalf

Fee: None

Required Materials: OYAN Group Student Kit, $144 https://clearwaterpress.com/shop/one-year-adventure-novel-group-student-kit/

Tuition: $65/mo

Criminal Justice

In this class we will look at various aspects of law enforcement such as the criminal justice system, trials, corrections, juvenile justice, laws of arrest and search and seizure, professional ethics, handling evidence, patrol tactics, investigations, specialized units, causes of crimes, the law as an occupation, and more. This class is full of hands-on activities, discussions and will also have special guest speakers. It’s great for anyone who is interested in any aspect of the law or those who just love the crime drama shows on t.v. Homework will be approximately 1 hour/week.

Materials required: All materials provided

Teacher: Rachel Rose

Additional material fee $40 one time fee

Tuition $60/mo.

Dual Credit Composition 1 (Fall Semester)

This course will introduce students to the theory and practices of academic writing, including rhetorical situation, structure, and effectiveness. Students will engage in planning, drafting and writing personal narratives, evaluations, rhetorical analysis, and research essays.

Colorado Christian University Course Description:

ENG 102 - English Composition

(3) Effective use of the English language and exploration of rhetorical modes in written composition. Review of structure, purpose, and audience awareness in developing essays.

NOTE: For college credit through CCU you must apply to CCU for admission and register for this class via their website. They will have a separate fee for the college credit hours. If you fail to enroll with CCU you will only receive high school credit for this course. Enrolling through CCU and passing this class may earn 3 hours of college credit.

Course Prerequisites: Students must have prior experience and instruction in writing essays. Students must demonstrate college readiness by one or more of the following:

Score of 945 or higher on the multiple-choice section of the TSI2 ELAR test, with an essay score of 5-8.

Score of 480 or higher on the SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Test

Composite score of 23 or higher on the ACT with a score of at least 19 or higher on the English portion of the exam.

Permission of Instructor

This class will be conducted as a college class.

This class will have a Zoom component. Zoom classes will meet on most Mondays.

Instructor: Stephanie Starr

Tuition: $117/mo (meets 2 days/week- one in person, one online)

Dual Credit Literature (Spring Semester)

Description coming soon. Literature will fulfill most college requirements for a Humanities class.

English 1 - Short Stories and Epics

In English 1 students will gain skills in reading and writing about literature through short stories and epic tales. Students will read several fairy tales and modern short stories to hone their reading and writing skills before embarking on an epic journey through mythology and the Odyssey. We will also explore classical and Biblical allusions, giving the students information that is essential to understanding great literature.

Students will have reading, writing, and grammar assignments every week, and should expect to spend 3-5 hours a week on homework outside of class.

This is an excellent fit for students who have not previously written essays or done any writing on a high school level.

Teacher: Stephanie Starr

Materials – TBD

Additional material fee: $30

Tuition: $65/mo.

English 2 - American Literature - A New World

Prerequisite: A passing grade in English 1, or permission of the instructor. Email stephanie.starr@thriveprepacademy.org and I'll be happy to help you find the best fit for your student. Students must read at a 10th grade level.

In English 2 we will read some of the great works of American authors, and get to know some of the great literary minds of the New World. Over the course of the year we will read several novels, plus speeches, essays, and poetry. Most of class time will be spent in discussion. While it is important to have a basic grasp of analysis, my goal is to help students learn to read and enjoy literature through understanding the story as a whole, and placing it in its historical and literary context.

Students will also learn how to write a basic essay, and will hone this skill by writing several essays over the course of the year.

Students will have reading and writing assignments every week, and should expect to spend 5 hours a week on this class.

**Do I have to take English 2 before I take English 3? Not necessarily! It is helpful to have some essay writing experience before you take English 3. The types of writing we do in English 2 and English 3 are different and will require different skills.

Teacher: Stephanie Starr


  • The Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne, any unabridged edition

  • Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain, any unabridged edition

  • To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee, any unabridged edition

  • True Grit - Charles Portis

  • Others TBD

Additional material fee: $25

Tuition: $65/mo.

English 3 - British Literature - Monsters and Imagination

Prerequisite: A passing grade in English 2, or permission of the instructor. Email stephanie.starr@thriveprepacademy.org and I will help you find the best fit for your student. Students should read at a 10th grade level.

English 3 students will encounter some of the great monsters of English Literature, from the Beowulf to the modern day. Students will learn historical context for each work and understand the different main periods of the development of English literature.

Students in English 3 are expected to be proficient in writing essays. In this class they will learn how to write literary analysis essays, along with some creative projects. This type of analysis and writing is an excellent stepping stone to college writing.

**Do I have to take English 2 before I take English 3? Not necessarily! It is helpful to have some essay writing experience before you take English 3. The types of writing we do in English 2 and English 3 are different and will require different skills.

Teacher: Stephanie Starr


  • Beowulf - Burton Raffel translation

  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Burton Raffel translation

  • Macbeth - Folger or Signet Classics

  • Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

  • Others TBD, please check back

Additional material fee: $30

Tuition: $65/mo.

Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Fairy tales are something we all know, or think we know, but rarely have the opportunity to study at an advanced level. In this class we will explore the fairy tale genre chronologically, through the Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian periods, before examining the development of the fantasy genre as we know it and the reimagining of fairy tales in a number of 20th century and contemporary novels. Along the way, we will encounter a wide variety of literary forms, practice thinking about literature in its historical context, and apply analytical skills to identify commonalities and differences across the syllabus.

Weekly Homework: Students should plan on 3-5 hours of reading time per week. The assigned page count may vary a good deal depending on the complexity of the text. We will check in regularly to make sure the reading pace is appropriate. Each semester, students will have two significant writing assignments, one creative and one analytical. There will be several smaller writing assignments as well, and occasional comprehension questions as needed.

Teacher: Jacqueline Medcalf

Required materials:

  • Teacher Provided Packet

  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight translated by Joseph Glaser

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

  • The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Materials Fee: $20

Tuition $65/mo

Financial Peace (Spring Semester) (10th-12th grade)

Join us for a transformative journey towards financial freedom knowledge based on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. This course provides practical, step-by-step guidance to help you plan your finances, not incur debt, build wealth, and secure your financial future. Through lessons, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, you will learn proven strategies for budgeting, saving, investing, and planning for your future. Financial Peace equips you with the tools and mindset needed to achieve financial stability and peace of mind. Take charge of your financial journey and build a solid foundation for a brighter financial future.

Material Needed for Class: You will receive a list from your teacher prior to classes beginning.

Materials Fee: $30 one time fee

Tuition: $60/mo.

Group Voice (9th-12th grade)

In Group Voice/Singing class students will learn how to best use their natural instrument in this class, their voice. They will learn different genres of music – worship, musical theater (including movie soundtracks), pop and folk. After learning different songs in class together, students will perform them for each other over the course of the year. Some of our best learning comes from watching and listening to each other, and this principle applies to singing as well. There will be a strong emphasis on proper singing techniques and breath support. Singers will build confidence over the semester and walk away with a handful of songs to perform. Each semester will end with a culminating performance.

Teacher: Holly Archer

Materials will be provided by the teacher.

Tuition: $65/mo

Improv (9th - 12th grade)

Let the games begin! Improvisational acting is not only a blast, but it teaches kids one of the fundamentals of acting – reacting to the others on stage. It’s also a great way to build confidence and boost creative thinking. Improv is a beloved activity for experienced actors and a great way for beginners to get their feet wet in the game of acting. There will be a culminating performance of improv at the end of each semester.

Teacher: Holly Archer

One-time supply fee: $10 for costumes and props.

Tuition: $60/mo

Intro to Psychology

The brain is fascinating! Join us as we investigate what the brain is and how it works. This is a year-long introduction to the science of psychology, covering the history of psychology, how the brain works, personality, developmental psychology, emotions, sleep and dreams, memory, and more!

Homework: approximately 3-5 hours per week

Materials required: Understanding Psychology, Kasschau, McGraw-Hill (published in 2014) ISBN 9780076631940

Teacher: Stephanie Starr

Additional material fee: $25 one time fee

Tuition: $60/mo

Physics with Labs

Text: Apologia Physics, 2nd edition

Discover the laws that govern the universe in our high school physics course using the Apologia curriculum. From motion and forces to energy and electricity, this course explores the fundamental principles that shape our physical world. Through engaging lectures, hands-on experiments, and interactive activities, students will develop a deep understanding of concepts such as mechanics, waves, optics, and modern physics. Our curriculum emphasizes problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and practical applications of physics principles. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and empower students to explore the wonders of the natural world through the lens of physics.

Christian Book Distributors currently has this book on sale. https://www.christianbook.com/exploring-creation-with-physics-textbook/jay-wile/9781946506597/pd/506597?event=Homeschool|1002435

Materials Fee: $65 one time fee

Tuition: $60/mo

Private Voice Lessons (all ages)

Individual voice lessons are for students who are seeking advanced training or just prefer to work with a voice coach one-on-one. Students will learn proper vocal technique, breath support, and how to successfully deliver a song. There will be a voice recital at the end of the semester where each student will present two different songs for friends and family.

Teacher: Holly Archer

Schedule with the teacher--based on availability

Pricing: $65 per hour lesson, $40 per half-hour lesson

Pre-Law (Constituion)

Dive into the principles and framework that shape our nation's governance with our high school Pre-Law/ Constitution class. This course explores the United States Constitution through historical context, legal interpretation, and contemporary relevance. Students will examine the Constitution's foundational principles, including the separation of powers, federalism, individual rights, and the amendment process. Through engaging discussions, case studies, and debates, students will gain a deeper understanding of the Constitution's impact on American society, law, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Join us as we explore the document that defines our democracy and empowers students to become informed, active participants in civic life.

Teacher: Jenna Morris

Text: TBD

Materials Fee: $30 one time fee

Tuition: $60/mo

Spanish 1

8th-12th graders will complete the full Spanish 1 curriculum within the school year; it is recommended that students have a grasp of essential English grammar rules (parts of speech, verb tenses, etc.) prior to taking this class. Supplemented with music, games, role playing, and collaborative opportunities in the classroom, this class will balance verbal fluency with grammatical understanding in a fun, engaging environment. Geography and cultural studies of Spanish-speaking countries will also be incorporated. Approximately 1.5-2 hours of weekly homework assignments will expand upon, reinforce, and solidify classroom learning.

Materials needed: Breaking the Spanish Barrier Level 1 (yellow work/textbook) https://tobreak.com/pages/spanish

Teacher: Eliana Reece

Additional material fee: $50 one time fee

Tuition $60/mo

Spanish 2

High school students only; pre‐requisite Spanish 1. Students enrolling from other programs may need teacher approval. With increased Spanish discourse, elementary literature, and other collaborative opportunities, this class will further develop verbal fluency and grammatical understanding in a fun, engaging environment. Additional investigation of history, geography, and customs of Spanish‐speaking countries will aid in student's appreciation for and acumen of the language and culture. Approximately 2-2.5 hours of weekly homework assignments will expand upon, reinforce, and solidify classroom learning.

Materials needed: Breaking the Spanish Barrier Level 2 (orange work/textbook) https://tobreak.com/pages/spanish

Teacher: Eliana Reece

Additional material fee: $50 one time fee

Tuition $60/mo

Spanish 3

High school students only. This class will focus on building confidence in speaking, reading, listening, and writing in Spanish, while learning about history and culture in Spanish-speaking countries. Students will participate in classroom discussions about classic Spanish literature, audio books, television programs, and common everyday occurrences. They will also review and expand on grammatical concepts taught in Spanish 1 & 2. There will be a few local "field trips" and the potential to converse via Zoom with students in Latin America. Students will be prepared for AP or CLEP exams by year-end.

Pre-requisite: Spanish 2

Materials needed: Student will be provided with personal copies of novels, access to the audio books and videos, and weekly worksheets for homework. Cost of field trips is also included in the materials fee.

Teacher: Eliana Reece

Material fee: $100 one time fee

Tuition $60/mo

Speech (fall semester)

Speech (fall semester) for 8th-12th graders will help your students become powerful communicators with this public speaking course. The class will cover the general characteristics of good speaking as well as the specifics for organizing, planning, and delivering various types of speeches. Introductory, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive speeches are all covered. Students will give 4 speeches during the course of the semester. Teacher provides all materials.

Teacher will provide all handouts. No book needed.

Teacher: Rana Hicks

Material fee: $15

Tuition $60/mo (August.-December)

World History

This class will cover the time period from Creation to Modern History. Major concepts will be broken down by seven different periods: The Ancient World, The Eastern World, The Medieval World, The Awakening World, The Enlightened World, The European World, and finally The Modern World from a Biblical Worldview.

Students will understand the rise and fall of civilizations, trace the roots of Christianity in Judaism, outline its growth in history and the impact on cultures of the world, and assess the role of other religions in human cultures. Students will also analyze and evaluate how cultures have viewed the importance of individualism, justice, citizenship, learn about the development of trade, and understand its impact on human culture and economic growth. We will also evaluate various economic systems and what roles Christians may play in a global society.

Students will read the class assigned textbook and answer the chapter review questions for each section on a weekly basis. Every quarter students will be assigned an additional chapter book or two that will give them a better understanding into certain time periods. Students may also be assigned presentations/papers that require research on subjects chosen by students, and/or for those very important chapters in the textbook. To help students prepare at home, handouts, study guides, and homework calendars explaining what is expected for every assignment/test will be provided.

Textbook: BJU World History, 5th edition, additional reading books will be assigned

Teacher: Jenna Morris

Material fee: $20

Tuition: $60/mo